We had a memorable day hike with our friends, Senchi Designs, whlie they visited Taipei. Seizing the opportunity, Sealson, Senchi Designs, and Mircodose decided to venture to Mt. Xiao Guanyin in the outskirts of Taipei for a delightful day hike.

A military radar station on the mountain peak.

Highlights of the HikeStarting from the trailhead, we navigated through dense vegetation and slightly steep mountain paths. Soon, we reached the western peak of Mt. Xiao Guanyin, boasting the broadest views along the ridge, where we could gaze at the peaks of the Mt. Xue from a distance. At the summit, we indulged in coffee and snacks while immersing ourselves in the majestic scenery.

Subsequently, we descended a slightly steep section, requiring rope assistance.

This route, although not lengthy, passes through a variety of scenic landscapes including ridges, peaks, forests, streams, and offers diverse and challenging terrain, making the hike very enjoyable.

We passed by the military radar station and what appeared to be abandoned military buildings, then returned to the starting point of the trail via an industrial road.

In conclusion, the Mt. Xiao Guanyin Small O loop is an incredibly attractive day hike route. It combines safety with a touch of challenge, known for its diverse terrain and expansive views. If you're in Taipei with limited time but still crave the joy of hiking, the Mt. Xiao Guanyin Small O loop is undoubtedly your ideal choice.