EST. 2018, Taipei, Taiwan.


100% locally manufactured hybrid-use weatherproof bags, backpacks, wallets, and accessories.

Made for the city dweller with an outdoor spirit.
Engineered for the urban and beyond.

SEALSON utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing technology to maximize convenience & performance for the hybrid mindset under a minimalist aesthetic, all while maintaining an eco-friendly presence.

As a bag research lab, we strive to venture into unknown grounds of bag-wear possibilities, developing in-house exclusive fabrics and pollution-reducing manufacturing techniques, never stopping our mission to seek for better carriage solutions and manifesting the core value of the spirit of exploration and experimentation.

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Graduated as the Valedictorian of Shih Chien University's Fashion Department in 2016, our founder & head designer Yun-zhe Tsai (@ak___ts on Instagram) dived head-in into performance wear and utility design, experimenting with bag designs at his tiny desk in the corner of his studio apartment in Taipei. 

It was not until 2018 when he grouped up with friends to initiate a fundraiser program did the public gain access to the first official Sealson product: the UW1.0 Urban Utility Wallet. Since then, he & his team has endeavored into the exploration of hybrid-use pack designs.

Fueled by his passion and obsession towards modern carriage solutions for the urban and outdoor, Tsai grounded his designs on his weekend activities such as camping & trekking, and also on his preferred way of commuting through the urban jungle - cycling. As a result, outdoor and mobility-friendly design cues are commonly seen throughout our product lineup.  



"Functionalism Reconstructed"

The design ethos of Sealson is to create next-gen equipment that provides a streamlined transition for the hybrid lifestyle, constructing functionalism-guided solutions that maximize users' performance with active mobility. This leads us to the rethinking process to a detailed selection of utility designs and hardware curation, reconstructing and redefining functionalism with essential minimalism in mind.

"Function as form" & "Essential Minimalism" embodies the core structure of Season's design language: every detail, every zipper, and every pocket is placed at the right place and right angle with necessity. We refuse to place pseudo-functional utility designs that only serve as an amplification of the technical silhouette, in turn reducing waste and leftover fabric from unnecessary & excessive designs. Our functional details alone makes up the outline as the silhouette, and our forms are solely determined by function. Every design has its dedicated purpose. To put it simply, our bags are designed like weapons - as concise and lightweight as possible, yet with incredible functionality.




Fashion apparel is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. As manufacturers, we take brand responsibility seriously. The waste-reduction philosophy applied in our pack designs also applies to our limited production policy where we never try mass produce and overstock our products. All of our merchandise is produced in limited quantities to reflect the importance we attach to sustainability. We take responsibility not only to our products, but also for the environment, our employees, and you, our valued customers.