In January 2023, @114.index proposed to us the idea of co-developing a sling bag.

The concept of draws inspiration from early 2000s silhouettes and incorporates modern technical fabrics with production techniques, this bag features a single spacer mesh strap, sling-style design capable of carrying essential items such as water bottles, jackets, cameras, snacks, and personal items. It is also supported by a “tri-harness” carrying system to achieve even weight distribution and adhere to ergonomic principles.

Enthusiastically agreeing to the proposal, we immediately drafted conceptual outlines and designs for the bag and began the process of creating prototypes.

After numerous rounds of pattern making and ergonomic testing, we created several different versions of the sample, and conducted field tests back and forth between Taiwan and the UK, adjusting details such as capacity, carrying design, pocket layout, etc., until we achieved a design that satisfied us.