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Microdose gear

Microdose by Sealson Lab "RB36 FASTPACK"
Fastpacking enthusiasts have never stopped seeking a reliable companion that can withstand harsh environments and keep up with their pace. The RB36, designed by Microdose and engineered by Sealson Lab, combines elements of trail running, hiking, and climbing, and is designed with habits of Fastpack user, offer a more comfortable and efficient journey with lighter and more refined equipment.




LAZYFISH® teamed up with SEALSON, Next-Gen Bag Research Studio, to create a ​professional equipment travel bag that is most suitable for divers.

ECOPAK™ 3-Way Fins Bag is a versatile​ equipment bag ​co-​developed ​by LAZYFISH® and SEALSON. It has an independent ​fin component and​ diving equipment compartment​ for storing diving essentials​ and quick access at only 850 grams​, which means divers can carry less weight during traveling​.

​The​ ​​main compartment​ ​capacity of ECOPAK™ 3-Way Fins Bag ​can fit two pairs of long fins, and the top compartment can fit all your diving essentials with 3M reflective ​shock cord system on the outer.
Compartment with cushion foam, ​allows you to get​​ much​ easier​ with luggage check-in during an abroad trip.

The bag is made of ECOPAK™ 70D Rip-stop ​which is 100% made of 20 recycled plastic bottles. ECOPAK™ comes ​with high surface ​abrasion resistance, tears resistance, and high ​water resistance,​ also​ eco-friendly​ to the​ environment.


"METAMORPHOSIS" is a a continuous enhancement-driven project executed by Guerrilla-Group and Sealson, focusing on elevating all elements of original Sealson models, including design, silhouette, material, and utility, to the next level.


Proudly announcing our collaborative project with Taiwanese urban-outdoor apparel label WISDOM® for their spring 2022 capsule collection “WMA”; threading together the idea of “assembly & disassembly”, blending carriage utility into a modular design system which, apart from independent usage, can be attached onto vests, jackets and trousers, creating an advanced & diversified application for detachable & portable storage utility.

With the help of 3D artist Jiawei Wu, the latest WISDOM® “WMA” series renders a futuristic & cybernetic technical silhouette, adopting a visual construction that combines humanoids, garments, and machinery visual cues into a singular profile as the imaginative collective between the virtual & the reality, resulting in a conceptual visualization encompassing varying fields of expertise.


A Celebration of MIT (Made in Taiwan) Craftsmanship: The@dycteamcapsule collection reimagines Sealson’s selected styles in an exclusive DYCTEAM® low-impact jacquard denim manufactured by Taipei’s unsung denim maestros@496fabriclab.

When it comes to denim fabrics, 496 Fabric Lab is in a league own their own: utilizing natural enzyme dyes, recycled pineapple & oyster shell fabrics as well as organically harvested cotton blended with recycled plastic bottles yarns and many more cutting-edge technologies to maintain low environmental impact while producing high quality woven jacquard patterns.