Ecoya 70x140D

Ecoya® Nylon

For years as urban dwellers who have a deep affection for outdoor activities and care for nature, we have struggled to find the perfect pack to solve our needs in an amphibious and sustainable way of life.

We have gone hand-in-hand with Libolon, our local fabric developer in Taiwan, carefully selecting and co-developing each square inch of the textiles we use in our bags. The result is this season's signature Ecoya® eco-friendly fabric, a solution-dyed yarn with an incredibly lower carbon footprint than other technical fabrics with the same level of water-repellency, all while maintaining a high score in anti-abrasiveness and retaining a matte-hue surface that is structured yet surprisingly soft to touch.

The revolutionary manufacturing process of our Ecoya® fabric greatly reduces energy and waste by combining Polymer with the pigments in the beginning, combining the two into color masterbatch chips, which are then transformed into Ecoya® yarns that will eventually become the fabrics that we use throughout our collection.

Ecoya 70x140D: 110 gsm/ CDWR-3000mmH2O



Developed by Challenge Outdoor ECOPAK™ is the world’s only durable and waterproof fabric made from 100% recycled polyester fiber and film. Each yard upcycles about 20 plastic water bottles into durable technical textiles.

Based on 35 years of weaving, coating and laminating experience, Challenge’s ECOPAK™ fabric lasts longer, absorbs 80% less moisture, and has better UV resistance and color retention than traditional laminated nylon. Just like our sailcloth that has been tested around the world, ECOPAK™ performs in the harshest conditions.

EPX200: 200.1gsm / 200+ psi

選用規格:Ultra 200/ Ultra200X/ Ultra400X


Developed by Challenge Outdoor UHMWPE fibers (non-branded Dyneema® or Spectra®) are the lightest and strongest fibers commercially available, with a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel.  UHMWPE is created by a gel-spun extrusion process which draws out extremely long chains of polyethylene, aligned along a molecular backbone.  This alignment effectively transfers load through the fiber for high modulus and strength.

Ultra200: 119gsm / 200+ psi


UltraWeave™ woven blend of Nylon 6-6, Lycra®, and Ultra™

Ultra™ Fiber, aka UHMWPE
gram-for-gram, has a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel. ULTRA™ fiber is incredibly lightweight, cut & abrasion-resistant.

Lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant
UltraStretch™ is a 4-way stretch mesh woven with the highest quality fibers for performance and longevity.

UltraStretch: 186gsm / C6DWR

Ultra™ TX70

Developed by Challenge Outdoor TX70 Ultra™ is an ultralight 3-layer laminate designed for small bags, pack liners, and accessories.

  1. Silver 70d recycled polyester ripstop face.
  2. Black 45° Ultra CrossPly yarn provides bias stability and tear strength.
  3. 0.25 mil PET film.

TX70 Ultra™ : 99 gsm / 200+psi

選用規格:Nylon 800x400D


The high-quality N-800D nylon produced by Taiwan's Textile Factory is interwoven with 800D warp yarns and 400D weft yarns.

N-800D features a glossy and highly wear-resistant nylon fabric. It has good wear-resistant, waterproof, and anti-fouling properties, but only half the weight of traditional 1680D ballistic nylon. It is suitable as a bag fabric for daily use.

Nylon 800x400D:300 gsm / 3000mmH2O

Nylon200D + LCP™RS

LCP yarn refers to yarn made from Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP). Liquid Crystal Polymers are a type of high-performance material known for their high strength, stiffness, and resistance to high temperatures. These materials have a molecular structure with liquid crystal-like alignment, giving them unique physical and chemical properties under certain conditions.