Protect yourself from nature, while protecting the nature.

SC22 | Backpack Black

The SC22 | Backpack Black

Since the beginning of humanity, Mother Nature has been nurturing civilization in its most innocent form. However, recent industrial developments have change the course of nature as we have lost many of our most endeared treasures in pursuit of societal and technological development.

The hyper-accelerated fashion industry has continued to be one of the most problematic businesses polluting the globe in every sector, spoon-feeding the skyrocketing consumerism-based market closely linked to the popularization of global trade and online commercial platforms, mass producing articles that will eventually end up in the landfills within an year upon purchase.

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There is no shortage for brands in the 21st century making technical bags. 
So why throw ourselves head-in into this seemingly saturated industry?

The reason is simple: we believe in providing a sustainable and affordable solution for urban commuters living the amphibious lifestyle, reconnecting with nature and rooting our senses back to our intrinsic primal stems. 

Slimming down

As nature lovers ourselves, we have decided to commit our own efforts into restructuring our manufacturing processes, cooperating with local factories and component suppliers, limiting our production numbers, developing eco-friendly fabrics, prioritizing sustainability and stripping a bag’s functionality down to its core.

Every zipper, every buckle, every curve, every opening, every choice of fabric, every seam and no-seam has a dedicated purpose in all of Sealson’s bag variants. Maximizing and deconstructing functionalism at the same time has been our resonance to harmonize with our vision for a greener future.


Sustainable Manufacturing & Materials

A water droplet on our signature Ecoya® Grey fabric from Season 3 - PROLOGUE


Utilizing cutting edge technology for the manufacturing of our textiles & products, we are able to drastically cut down on energy waste and chemical pollution throughout our manufacturing process. 

Click here for more details on our sustainable Ecoya® fabric.


Nothing survives on a dead planet.

To preserve our irreplaceable planet, let us all opt for a more sustainable alternative and make space for our children, Mother Nature, and a greener future. 

Carry infinity,
Carry Sealson.