UNUS52 BACKPACK will be officially released this Friday. In preparation for this launch, we conducted a final round of the field testing by taking the UNUS52 and a group of the friends to Taipei early in the morning. Our objective was to gear up for a two-day, one-night hiking and camping expedition to Yilan's Songluo Lake.

The Songluo Lake Trail is located in the lower altitude area of Mount Syue and is a route suitable for intermediate hikers. It is essentially an easy route where you can walk, eat, and chat along the way.

While the entire route is not long and lacks steep sections, most of the trails are consistently wet and slippery throughout the year, requiring extra caution while walking. Fortunately, we did not encounter any rain during our journey, making the whole trip very easy and enjoyable. Shortly thereafter, we reached the first water source and took a brief rest.

We successfully arrived at the lakeside campsite around the afternoon of the first day. However, Songluo Lake in Yilan is known for its unpredictable weather, and it was no surprise that the wind started picking up shortly after our arrival. We quickly increased our pace and managed to set up camp before the rain intensified.

After setting up camp, thick fog had already enveloped the entire lake surface, with visibility reduced to about 10 meters. Standing at the lakeside, the dense fog obscured the view of the opposite shore, creating an illusion of being at the edge of an endless sea.

As night fell, the temperature dropped sharply, and the strong winds, coupled with continuous drizzle, forced everyone to huddle under the canopy to cook food and stay warm.

On the second morning, as the thick fog gradually dissipated, sunlight finally bathed the valley of Songluo Lake. This allowed us to get a full view of Songluo Lake, and everyone excitedly took a lakeside stroll to admire the beauty before breaking camp to descend the mountain.