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SCM48 Complete Guide | Outdoor Cafe X SEALSON
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Thanks to its roll-top design, the capacity of the SCM48 easily withstands a 4-day trip with lightweight gear, and has room to support even longer trips if packed correctly. To align Sealson's design philosophy with the lightweight requirements of an alpine pack, we have retained many storage utilities often left out in name of reducing weight. Instead, we resorted to the use of merged storage space, lightweight hardware and modular accessories to lighten the burden.


The SCM utilizes X-PAC VX07 RIPSTOP as its main layer of environmental protection. The adjustable* 37-42L main compartment stores overnight essentials and dry luggage. The velcro-sealed roll-top opening can be secured by joining the buckles together or attached to the vertical compression straps on the sides.

The 6L kangaroo front pocket allow swift storage access for raincoats, shell jackets, wet clothing & hiking gear. The pocket opening features a top buckle & elastic trimming for extra security, while the mesh bottom allows water to escape during rainy scenarios.

*Main compartment capacity: 42L w/o back panel, 37L+ w/ back panel installed.

For more specifications please see below.



The SCM features 4 sets of lightweight reflective elastic cords offering multiple functions such as compression, binding and fixation for outdoor gears like trekking poles and ice axes as shown above. 

The cords are easily removable & can be substituted with your preferred colorway. 



A Sealson S-clusive design: the double-layered elastic mesh side pockets features a zippered layer in-between, providing security for flasks as well as breathable storage for wet luggage and small items.



Too busy to take out your water bottle? Worry not, the SCM features a tube opening for easy hydration access for hydration bladders. An additional inner strap provides fixation to ensure a smooth water-flow. 



It would be a shame if you invest a couple hundred bucks on a backpack that you'll only carry in a hiking trip. The SCM retains many features you would find practical in a regular daypack such as a 15" laptop sleeve and an internal zippered pocket for keys, wallets, and electronic accessories. We have also tailored a structured look for the SCM to remain a sleek silhouette even when carrying lighter weights. 





The SCM'S curved back panel provides extraordinary carriage performance & ventilation. Move freely without worrying sweat building up between your back & the your backpack's back panel (a tongue twister indeed.)

Instead of using padded mesh layers like the back panel of a conventional alpine backpack, the SCM's revolutionary carriage design manages to score an all-round performance of breathability, load distribution and reduced weight by opting for a simple yet powerful combination of a lightweight aluminium bar and a polypropylene plate.

The 6063 aluminium alloy utilized in the SCM's back panel is widely applied in the architecture industry due to its shapable properties, yet still retains enough strength to support your back up & down the heights. With the combination of a polypropylene plate, the user can easily bend the back panel into their desired shape for ventilated supportive carry.

The SCM's carriage system emphasizes weight distribution to the shoulders and hips instead of a fitted & equal dispersal to the entire back. With the space created by the curvature of the back panel, the SCM helps you maintain cool & dry with its excellent ventilating abilities.

The adjustment cords on the shoulder straps help bring the weight closer to the upper torso, effectively preventing the center of gravity from shifting away and causing unwanted leaning, especially in rocky, rigid sections of the hike.





A common problem of a conventional hiking backpack is the lack of quick-access pouches for small-items storage. A decently sized lightweight sacoche could be an easy answer, but the SCM's well rounded modular system provides an even more powerful solution.

Top left: Reflective Bungee Cords, Top Right: Add-on Chest Rigs, Bottom: Padded Hip Belt & Waterproof Hip Pouches

Carbon Fiber Bar-Supported Padded Hip Belt

Apart from its removable lightweight hip belts, the SCM can be equipped with a padded hip belt that effectively provides supportive carry & weight distribution. The belt is fixated with a carbon fiber bar as the anchoring for a better fit.

The 10mm trimmings on the belt's sides can be used as utility gear loops and anchoring for the SCM's Waterproof Hip Pouches.


X-PAC Waterproof Hip Pouches

The Waterproof Hip Pouches easily latches onto the sides of the Padded Hip Belt, and utilizes the same durable material as the SCM's main body; suitable for small electronics and protein bars.


Modular Waterproof Chest Rigs

The Ecoya® Nylon-built Chest Rigs provide weatherproof storage for smartphones and portable cameras. The elastic mesh pockets keeps protein supplies and headlamps handy, and can also used as a water bottle holder.

The Chest Rigs can be installed on a single side separately.


Bottom Bungee Cords & Customizable Combinations

If you ever need extra carriage space, the exterior of the SCM has also got you covered. The bottom of the backpack can be installed with additional bungee cords that are easily replaceable with your color of choice.

For External Attachment Security 101, please see our FAQ. 




4. Materials & Specifications


Main Composition

X-PAC VX07 (Waterproof rating 5,000mm) / 800x400D Nylon


1. Side Mesh Pockets: Opelon+Nylon Mesh / 200g

2. Front Pocket Bottom: T150D Mesh 

3. Weatherproof Chest Rigs: Ecoya® Nylon (Waterproof Rating 3,000mm) / Opelon+Nylon Mesh / 200g


Main Body: 851g / 1.87lbs

Main Body (w/o Back Panel & Lightweight Hip Belts): 667g / 1.47lbs
Curved Back Panel: Polypropylene Panel 113g / 0.25lbs, Aluminium Bar 71g / 0.15lbs

Height: 77cm / 30.3"
Width: 35cm / 13.7"
Depth: 17cm / 6.7"



Padded Hip Belt - 133g / 0.29lbs, Carbon Fiber Bar - 9g / 0.02lbs
W: 68cm / 26.7"
H: 9.5cm / 3.7"
D: 1.6cm / 0.62"

Hip Pouches - 28g / 0.06lbs
W: 16.5cm / 6.5"
H: 10cm / 3.9"
D: 4cm / 1.5"

Chest Rigs - 54g / 0.12lbs 
W: 16cm / 6.3"
H: 28cm / 11"
D: 3.5cm / 1.37"



Back Panel Installed - 48L: Main Compartment 37L + Front Pocket 6L + Side Mesh Pockets 2.5L/each*2

Back Panel Removed - 53L: Main Compartment 42L + Front Pocket 6L + Side Mesh Pockets 2.5L/each*2


Recommended Load

Comfortable Carriage w/o Padded Hip Belt: 8kg / 17.6lbs
Comfortable Carriage w/ Padded Hip Belt: 14kg / 30.8lbs
Maximum Load: 20kg / 44lbs


Made in Taichung, Taiwan.




5. Sizing Guide

The SCM offers two size options: S / M

Backpack Size & Recommended Back Length
38cm~45cm / 15”~17.7”
M: 43cm~50cm / 16.9”~19.6”

Padded Hip Belt (Hip Bone Circumference) 
M: 74cm~100cm / 29.1”~39.3”



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