Ecoya® Grey, Season 3

Our exclusively developed Ecoya® Grey from Season 3 - PROLOGUE


Ecoya® - Fabric Superiority

For years as urban dwellers who have deep affections for outdoor activities and care for nature, we have struggled to find the perfect pack to solve our needs in an amphibious and sustainable way of life. 

Each and every season, for every product we make, we try to make a breakthrough. No matter if it's a lighter weight, a stronger fiber, a better durability or a lower carbon footprint, we never stop pushing the limitations and continue to challenge our technical boundaries. 

For our current season, titled SEASON 3 - PROLOGUE, we have gone hand-in-hand with Libolon, our local fabric developer in Taiwan, carefully selecting and co-developing each square inch of the textiles we use in our bags. The result is this season's signature Ecoya® eco-friendly fabric, a solution dyed yarn which has an incredibly lower carbon footprint compared to other technical fabrics with the same level of water-repellency, all while maintaining a high score in anti-abrasiveness and retaining a matte-hue surface that is structured yet surprisingly soft to touch. 

The revolutionary manufacturing process of our Ecoya® fabric greatly reduces energy and waste by combining Polymer with the pigments in the beginning, combining the two into color masterbatch chips, which are then transformed into Ecoya® yarns that will eventually become the fabrics that we use throughout our collection.

The statistics are as the following:

Industry Standard Nylon Fabric
Sealson Nylon 
Water (kg/yard)
2.50 (55% saved)
Coal (kg/yard)
0.19 (44% saved)
Chemicals (kg/yard)
0.02 (34% saved)
Carbon Dioxide (kg/yard)
1.27 0.52 (59% saved)
Electricity (kWh/yard) 0.93 0.15 (84% saved)


Click here or more information on our commitment to sustainability. 


Season 3 Ecoya Black

A water droplet on our signature Ecoya® Black from Season 3 - PROLOGUE


water droplets on Ecoya grey

Ecoya® Black in action


SC22 backpack black

SC22 | Backpack Black from Season 3 - PROLOGUE


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