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Nice design, but could be better

Love the shape and design of the bag. It's very lightweight, has no padding, and lays flat which makes it packable. The fabric has a crunchy feel, kind of like the recycled plastic tote bags you would get at supermarkets. I'm not sure if I like the fabric, but I do support the idea of recycled plastic.

I'd say the bag accommodates around 8 to 9 liters. The fabric is pretty water resistant, but water will seep through parts of the seams. I'd say it'll do ok in moderate rain, but will get wet inside from heavy downpours.

So far, there are two things I'm not keen on:
1- Difficult to see what's inside the main compartment. A lighter color would be nice.
2- No internal pocket and/or key loop in the main compartment. Would be nice for important things like keys, wallet, passport, etc.

Overall, it's a nice bag but could be better compared to other similar bags at same price.

minbeom kang
아주 만족스러운 크로스백입니다.

물통, 우산, 장갑, 에어팟, 지갑 등을 가방 외부에 거치할 수 있어서 편합니다. 가방 내부에는 빠르게 꺼내기 편한 장비들을 두기에도 좋고 지퍼 각도도 꺼내기 좋게 배치되었어요. 가볍고 튼튼합니다. 만족해요.

Paula G
Honestly love

I love this bag, it’s my first Sealson bag and so glad I found the brand. I have used it since I got it almost 2 weeks ago and love it. Material is nice, it looks good, the pocket holds my water bottle. It holds all the essentials honestly. Such a useful bag. I will say the main body is waterproof (I got the black one) but the water bottle cinch holder is not waterproof and neither are the straps. That being said I’m not upset about it at all. Will definitely be getting more Sealson bags in the future and probably this one in the white when I have more space in my apt! Definitely regret not buying more stuff from the brand when I first ordered, but now I know I love their stuff and will be getting more next time. Keep it up!

Raphaël Crouzet
Great !

Great product, it seems to be solid and i really like the design and the details like the bungee hooks and the bottle pocket
Only con is the noise made by the fabric that sounds crispy when you manipulate it

Jason Kent
One of my current favorites

The crescent design is a bit of a revelation to me. Pretty sure it's my first experience with its design type, and I'm liking it a lot. It's extremely comfortable to wear, and the shape provides more range of motion for your arms. The organization is just enough for me, I really like the Ultra Mesh pocket for quick access. Can't say I've put the bungee hooks to much use yet, but I'm sure I'll find them useful eventually.