DYCTEAM® capsule by 496 Fabric Lab


A Celebration of MIT (Made in Taiwan) Craftsmanship: The DYCTEAM® 
capsule collection reimagines Sealson’s selected styles in an exclusive DYCTEAM® low-impact jacquard denim manufactured by Taipei’s unsung denim maestros 496 Fabric Lab .

When it comes to denim fabrics, 496 Fabric Lab is in a league own their own: utilizing natural enzyme dyes, recycled pineapple & oyster shell fabrics as well as organically harvested cotton blended with recycled plastic bottles yarns and many more cutting-edge technologies to maintain low environmental impact while producing high quality woven jacquard patterns.

496 Fabric Lab wields technologies new & old to create progressive solutions for the timeless denim taste, and has won the hearts of international brands Vivienne Westwood, Martine Rose, Acne Studios, Supreme and many more to supply them with a variety of complex indigo jacquard fabrics, even supplying the denim from the pivotal LV x Supreme collection.

The capsule-exclusive denim textile features playful patterns with delicately arranged mix-match of indigo shades and DYCTEAM’s banner logo. The tensile difference between technical fabrics and Jacquard denim was alleviated with careful re-arranging of patterns by Sealson Lab, and eco-friendly C0 water-repellent coating was applied to its surface to align with Sealson’s ethical manufacturing ideals as with all our products.

With a denim twist replacing the usual composition of technical fabrics, we are able to create a more intimate approach to the often rigid silhouette of urban technical performance accessories; an aesthetic consensus between DYCTEAM’s casual approach to the urban lifestyle and Sealson’s functional design language.

With the release of our collaboration, we would like to show the world that MIT no longer equates to poor quality in the outdated impression, proudly presenting our joint-development as a result of Taiwanese local creatives delivering an authentic relish of MIT manufacturing excellence.

In very limited quantities.